Thursday, May 7, 2009

My lovebird

I like smart and functional design but when it comes to kid's stuff, poetry seems essential to me. Either the design or the colors and patterns have to make me smile, satisfy my eyes and beautify life. I've made that bucolic lampshade for my daughter's room. Colorful birds are swinging on a cage adorned with ribbons, bows and beads while the butterflies are wriggling with two vaporous Japanese fishes.
Afterward, I discovered Mathieu Challières' lamps in Ploum's window in Carouge, Geneva and loved it. But my true inspiration came from Tamar's lovely whimsical dream catchers that I discovered on Etsy a year ago. I also recently found that Tamar Mogendorff was creating something in that spirit as well and her birdcages are on sale at Little Home, Geneva. The printed paper I used is from Petit Pan, Paris.

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