Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SHOP Figue

Figue celebrated its first anniversary in september and we are so glad to have it in Geneva ! It is precious to be favored with Figue's brand selection. That shop is the kingdom of the finest materials designed by European creators for our little ones (0-10 yo): here you have a poetic and smart selection of kid's wear, with soft colors and inspirations a bit retro but so "in the air". You cannot denied a certain Parisian touch in the boutique itself which is always a good sign of taste and style.
Allow Sandie Glotain to tell you more about the designers she selected, giving you the brand history and details that make them so authentic and you'll fall in love with her shop. All brands are an exclusivity in Geneva : Petit by Sofie Schnoor, Violeta y Federico, Louis Louise, Le marchand d’étoiles, Gold, Les petites emplettes, Barnabé aime le café, Nûr Gallery, ... With the next collection, you'll see Bonton furniture, Yporque and Bobo choses that are both fabulous fancy brands from Barcelona joining Sandie's preferences. It is time to take a closer look to that very special kid's fashion store Figue.
FIGUE Rue du vieux Collège, 8 - 1204 Genève - map

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lovepics said...

une sélection pointue de petites marques toutes fraîches, c'est chouette et malheureusement trop rare en suisse...