Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Le Tour de force, LFG and Me

Here is what you can read on Little Fashion Gallery website:
"Big bows and silver shells perched high on the head. Le Tour de Force is an English brand created by the fashion designer Camille Roman, an ex-student of St. Martin’s School in London. At the most recent London Fashion Week, she designed the headpieces for all the fashionistas, including Suzie of the now cult blog Style Bubble. Her universe is fun and offbeat, very British - kitsch, but with a kind of crazy, wacky appeal that‘s unique. So, we decided to contact Camille to ask her to design a collection for children. Take a look at the collection of stylish Le Tour de Force headpieces, created exclusively for LFG …" (link) I strongly applaud this collaboration, I think that it's the expression of kid's fashion quintessence: crazy, fun and classy accessories that make the difference.
In July 2008, my daughter was wearing a headband that I had ornemented myself for a special occasion. As you can see, it was a huge feather flower in bright fushia - originaly a pin from Mimito accessories - that I sewed on a large headband. Le Tour de Force collection for LFG was released in April 2009 so I guess the idea of oversized headpieces for kids was "in the air" ! And this is not the end because, this season, H&M is also offering large padded bows like the one in pink sequined fabrics I photographed for you. Finally, I couldn't resist mounting that padded velvet leaf on a stripe of ruban for this Xmas - definitively not as sculptural as Le Tour de Force work but it might still highlight the party, don't you think ?

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