Friday, March 12, 2010

Ketiketa and April showers by polder

The Spring collections are finally displayed in stores, I hope the sun will follow up ! So, I'd like to introduce you to these two recently-launched label collections - the soul mates of Little home, Geneva: Ketiketa and April Showers by polder.
"April Showers" is Polder's children's collection already well known for its fashion accessories, and put together in January 2008 by two sisters. The brand usually features hand-made components that bring a unique and artisan quality to the collection. Little home selected for you the linens with mix of graphic prints, throws, bed bumpers and sleeping bags, all in soft and subtle tones: vanilla, glazed chestnut, spring green and black currant. Also for the girls and their mummy, there is some charming purses and beautiful necklaces.
Ketiketa specialized in traditional Nepalese textiles and materials creating clothes, bedclothes and decorative accessories for children. They work with traditional fabric named "dumbar kumari". Ketiketa reaches a bohemian chic style with exotic prints, delicate colour shades, natural fine fabrics and designs inspired by a blending of cultures. So perfect for the new borns. Ketiketa's clothes collection is available at Figue. April Showers is now (summer 2010) also available at Petit Monde.
FIGUE Rue du vieux Collège, 8 - 1204 Genève - map
LITTLE HOME Rue du perron, 27 - 1204 Genève - map
PETIT MONDE Rue des Vollandes, 15 - 1207 Genève - map

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