Monday, March 8, 2010

SHOP Klompjes

I'm proud to introduce you to this brand new shop in Geneva: Klompjes (pronounce "clompyes"). It is always a great joy for me to welcome a new multibrand dedicated to kid's. Only 3 weeks old and so much to show you. The owner of Klompjes, Cynthia, is Dutch and so is the name of her boutique which means "little hooves". She is willing to offer a unique selection of exclusive Northern Europe brands to Geneva. The Dutch designers are going to be honored with Imps & elfs, Roomseven and Boontje. Enter and discover the charm of a colorful dressing with practical pieces well cut in heavy jersey and fresh cotton for a modern style both casual and romantic. Boontje only uses organic materials to manufacture the baby clothes collection and all other labels are selected for their fair trade production. Klompjes is also representing American Outfitters, a Belgian label wellknown for their simple fashionable clothing. Klompjes is also featuring the unbelievable hippy chic UK brand: ilovegorgeous. Ok, unlike the designers named above, ilovegorgeous only produces a girls collection but with so much love and fun ! I would like, personally, to warmly welcome Klompjes and already salute the diversity it brings to Geneva. Thank you !
Official opening party on Saturday 27/03 at the shop 3PM, you're invited !

KLOMPJES Avenue Pictet de Rochemont, 5 - 1207 Genève - map