Friday, April 9, 2010

Distinctive designs by Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson has been quoted as being ‘wonderful with wool’, a ‘material marvel’, a ‘textile designer extraordinaire’ and even an ‘All round textile legend’. As these descriptions suggest, her distinctive designs have won her an army of dedicated fans around the world and given her a reputation as one of Scotland’s brightest design stars. Characterised by a playful nature, tactile aesthetic and multicoloured palette Donna Wilson’s work ranges from colourful knitted creatures to striking upholstered furniture designs. The store - Wish you were here by Cheri Lou - presents a wide range of her collection: creatures, Make your own monster kit, kids blankets and kitchen towel. You'll find soft and dreamy lambswool cloud shaped cushion and the kids blankets at Little Home. Meuble & Cie, next door, has the adults Nos Da Collection from Donna Wilson.
WISH YOU WERE HERE BY CHERI LOU Rue Henri Blanvalet, 14 - 1207 Genève - map
LITTLE HOME Rue du perron, 27 - 1204 Genève - map

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