Sunday, June 20, 2010

BOOK Cici Hérisson

This tale, about a courageous Hedgehog, as been spotted by the nice blog Une histoire et au lit: my new blog partner on "children's book" !
The publishing house HongFei Cultures publishes children's books featuring modern Chinese literatures and original pictures. In Chinese, HongFei means "Swan goose flying high". Enchanting tales, stories and poetry on the themes of discovery, traveling and wisdom are selected from Chinese literature. The story of Cici is told the Asian way, full of affection and enigmatic, in connection with the passage of time and nature. It is a tiny tale whose moral challenges us to think of others before thinking of yourself!
LETTRES DE CHINE Rue de Carouge, 7 - 1205 Genève - map
Picture from the blog Une histoire et au lit

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