Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EVENT : La ville est à vous, Genève

To me, La ville est à vous is the best neighborhood event. I'm curious so I love to see what people have to sale - how they reappropriate the streets and how they display their clothes, machines, toys and diverse objects. All these items are full of their life but also shared memories, nostalgia and common past trends. It is such an interesting event and a unique opportunity to buy at a good price things that are no longer in store. This year I bought some books and a puzzle domino game with retro illustrations as I like :
L'arbre de Léonard - Marie Tenaille, illustrations by Suzanne Boland - Collection Farandole/ Caroline à la mer - Pierre Probst - Collection Hachette/ Domino puzzle des objets - Fernand nathan
Find all the details about La ville est à vous on the new website of Ville de Genève. Next events : Eaux-Vives : 12 et 13 juin 2010/ Saint-Jean : 25, 26 et 27 juin 2010/ Jonction : 4 et 5 septembre 2010/ Champel : 18 septembre 2010

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