Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ocechou greetings cards

Have a super fun year 2011 "Super Lapin" ! Jingle your bells "Lili l'éléphant" ! Merry "Christmas Yeti" ! To send your best wishes to your family and friends, Océchou publishes stationary, and more, all manufactured with much care in Switzerland and France. All the happy little characters that populate the design are coming straight out of the sweet and joyful imagination of the designer Nicole Maubert (Babymag magazine). I also like the nice gift cards cloud that will embellish your presents with lightness and poetry. Hurry up in placing your orders at the online shop Océchou because it'll be closed in December !!!
Also distributed in store at :
LA BOÎTE À MALICES Rue du 31 décembre, 15 - 1207 Genève -
STORE CLOSED - 2011 - visit www.laboiteamalices.ch 
ENVIE DE FRAISES Rue des Battoirs, 4 - 1205 Genève -