Monday, December 27, 2010

Look Coco 15

This look has been inspired by the Kilim fashion series for Milk magazine N°30 - Kilims by Karel Balas (photos) and Isis-Colombe Combréas (style). It is featuring some brands that I like very much such as Epice for their scarfs, Dominique Ver Eecke with its vintage illustrations printed on skirts and Madreperla.
Here, Colette is wearing a blue cotton sweater Basile & Boniface from a second hand shop in Paquis : Caprices d'enfants. Her cotton skirt with flowers is from Monoprix as well the red tights.
CAPRICES D'ENFANTS Rue de la Navigation, 8 - 1201 Genève - map
EPICE point of sale : L'H'ETRE Rue des Chaudronniers, 5 - 1204 Genève - map

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