Sunday, February 7, 2010


I had the pleasure to walk through Playtime alleys last week-end and it is always an exciting time. Playtime is the parisian biannual fair where brands and designer present their new collection for baby and kids (A/W 10), where they meet their clients and take orders. To me it's a unique opportunity to overview the best in one glance and feel the products we'll soon have in magazines. This is my selection, this is what I would very much like to see in our stores in Geneva and the reasons why.
"Unexpected, but never incongruous combinations, strong clean colours and details which create a look that is subtle, chic and practical; the Belgian brand MAAN definitely has THE edge in the world of children’s fashion. Under the direction of Evelyne de Brock and Vicky Vinck, MAAN is essentially all about high quality clothes for children that are very easy to wear and to mix and match." (text: LittleFashionGallery) I got my eyes on their silhouettes (shown here). There’s no total look, you subtly blend colours and original prints, you create different silhouettes without masking the child’s own personality. It’s a style that is international with a touch of london/ parisian chic so our genevan kids should get along with it pretty quickly !
Different and still chic in her way. Aurore de Chanaud is well-known for her knitted dress that remains her best-seller. I admire the conjunction of the delicacy of Marucho's fabrics and its design with her bold choice of color. Marucho is not a follower, that brand is setting her own inspired path and oxygenates fashion kid's wear. Geneva should dare to wear Marucho a little more and our city would be illuminated.
"Made with love" and great patterns mixed with subtle color choices ! It's a shame that we only have Bakker's cartable in our genevan boutiques (Little Home), its clothe's collection is really good and keeps all the promises of the brand. Poisson rouge seems to have a few pieces and Figue some dresses !

Direct from the Luxembourg garden, Paris. Elegant with simple basics for both girls and boys, LUCO has shown a beautiful collection. I sure would give them the award for Best Season's Colors selection: a deep cherry red, an intense lagoon blue, a nice mustard yellow and a warm camel brown. I'm so glad that there is less and less purple when I see such lively winter colors ! LUCO is classic and elegant which should assure them to hold a good place in our stores !

That touch of eccentricity that make us want to still be a child. Dominique Ver Eecke is drawing the fairy tell's illustrations that cover her skirts with vivid colours. She's Belgian and her retro style is refreshing. I wish I had a picture of the beautiful tights she presented. Let's hope we'll see her around soon.

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