Saturday, February 13, 2010

BOOK Illustrated by Emmanuelle Houdart

Emmanuelle seduced me with her poetic illustrations and I totally drowned into her stories. Following her phantasmagoric imbroglio of ideas is like diving in a dream. Her fables are as uninhibited and free as a surrealism painting which invite the children to speak their own language: to be free, to choose their story, make their way. She flirts with nightmares and laughs with monsters to better tame those that haunt us. I love it.
Emmanuelle Houdart is a well-known Swiss illustrator that studied in Geneva and published five books more personal where she is also the author.
All my favorites can be find at the library Au Chien Bleu :
Les Voyages merveilleux de Lilou la fée et de son grimoire-à-pattes - Ed. Actes Sud junior, 2006 (Also available at Poisson rouge, next door Rue Leschot).
Dedans / textes Fani Marceau - Ed. T. Magnier, 2006
L'abécédaire de la colère - Ed. T. Magnier, 2008
Tout va bien Merlin - Ed. T. Magnier, 2009
Also, read here L'alphabet d'Emmanuelle Houdart interview
POISSON ROUGE Rue Leschot, 6 - 1205 Genève - map
AU CHIEN BLEU Rue Leschot, 11 - 1205 Genève - map

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