Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BlaBla Kids et leurs amis

BlaBla's collection is designed by Florence Wetterwald in a poetic, simple and vibrant style. She combines her love for Art with the children's fragility to create BlaBla products. She says "I like to believe that my designs comfort them and make them smile. Everything is made from natural fibers grown in Peru and knitted according to the ancestral knowledge of Peruvian artisans. You can find the BlaBla kids at Little Home and Petit Monde.

LITTLE HOME Rue du Perron, 27 - 1204 Genève - map
Tuesday-Friday 10h30-18h30
Saturday 10h30-17h30

PETIT MONDE Rue des Vollandes, 15 - 1207 Genève - map
More about Petit monde on the blog La maison de Colette
Tuesday-Friday 13h30-18h00
Saturday 13h00-17h00

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