Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mio Mao

Looking for quality shows for our daugter, my husband remembered Mio Mao. Do you ?
Mio Mao was an Italian animated television series for children based on the adventures of two cats. It was filmed in claymation animation (using stop-motion with plasticine figures) and was written and directed by Francesco Misseri with music by Piero Barbetti, produced by Mad Mouse Movies. Listening to the theme tune brings back the memories: ‘mio mao mio mao lalla lalla là’ check it on YouTube. I'm also a big fan of their onomatopoeic language which sets the show beyond all barriers - in a truly worlwide perspective !
The first series of Mio Mao was made in the seventies. Each episode is approximately 5 minutes long and focuses on two playful kittens Mio (white) and Mao (ginger), as they discover a variety of animals and objects hidden within their garden. The scenario is simple and predictable as the kids like it: the kittens go to investigate alone, and return scared, before going together and finding that the scary item was either a friendly animal or a fun object. The animation is genius in itself, very visual and creative.
It was first broadcast in France 1979 (Antenne 2/ Récré A2) and lately at the animation Festival of Annecy 09, France.
Two new seasons available: Associati Audiovisivi and FIVE teamed up to give new life to this animation series but I can't tell you where to buy it at this point.
You might also like Quaq Quao (first broadcast in Italy in 1980), filmed using stop-motion with origami figures and was also written and directed by Francesco Misseri.

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