Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wild life on my fridge

I've been looking for nice and educational magnets to put on our fridge for Colette to play with. I had in mind the leafs and flowers ones drawn by Nathalie Lété (edited by Vilac) that I loved but I finally choose the Wild animals that I discovered then. The magnets are made out of wood and they come in a box (7 different themes available). The editor Editions Piccolia, created in 1991, are part of the Bonnier AB media group based in Sweden and they specialised in publishing children’s books but also offer a wide range of activity books that are not my favorites. Nevertheless, the quality of the magnet illustration is great and the details very lively and realistics: you'll find the lion quietly lying with its baby, the panda casualy eating bamboo, ... Available at King Jouet.
Along my way, I found out that Nathalie Lété created some "Fridge jewelry" that happened to be exquisite magnetic illustrations ! Available at the online shop Les Fleurs while the Leaf and flower set is now at Little Home, Geneva.

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