Friday, April 30, 2010

The unique Petit Pan at Les 3 pinces

Petit Pan was born of the meeting between a Chinese-kite designer and a fairy-fingered artist, bringing to our occidental life a faraway culture full of flavors and delicate designs. Petit Pan is a small brand well known for their impressive hanging mobile creations made of bamboo fibers and painted silk - all unique pieces that comes in various sizes. The family workshop is based somewhere in the country side of China. There, they also create printed patterns inspired by popular Chinese culture for their range of bags and purses, babies accessories, bed linen and pillow, lamps and a small collection of non-conformist clothes. We are lucky enough in Geneva to have Petit pan widely presented at Les 3 pinces (ex-Le Tricycle Rouge) - the kid's corner of Les 3 pinces - so don't miss the opportunity !
LES 3 PINCES Bd du pont d'Arve, 19 - 1205 Genève - map

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