Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BOOK Le Noël de Rita et Machin

Christmas eve goes very fast with the turbulent Rita & Machin. Between writing the letter to Santa Claus at the last minute, decorating the tree, baking the Yule Log, preparing a snack for Santa and some treats for the reindeer, getting up at night to try to see Santa and finally finding all the gifts under the tree! The hectic pace of these two little rascals remind us the excitement that reigns at home that day !
The illustrations is what really caught my eye on this serie of French picture books (translated into over 15 languages). What I liked first it's the line drawing that is very present and the use of the duotone, which is daring for a children's album, and then the shifted tone, tonic and impertinent. The happy daily lives of the precocious five-year-old girl named Rita and her easy-going yet somewhat lazy dog named Machin are broadcasted in Japan and soon in France.
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Le Noël de Rita et Machin, Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod, Olivier Tallec - Ed. Gallimard-Jeunesse
AU CHIEN BLEU Rue Leschot, 11 - 1205 Genève - map
LIBRAIRIE DU BOULEVARD Rue de Carouge, 34 - 1205 Genève - map

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