Thursday, July 9, 2009

SHOP Le Chat Botté

With La maison de Colette, I missioned myself to look for great design, toys and clothes for kids. While developing this blog, I realised that I could as well offer a tour or a selection of shops dedicated to kids in Geneva and its surroundings.
Let me then introduce you to Anne-Marie Zweifel who welcomed me in her shop Le Chat Botté at the heart of Carouge - Rue Saint-Joseph 2, Carouge. Entering her little boutique feels like entering a kids room filled with toys, teddy bears, dools, wood construction games and stuffed animals displayed, literally, from the floor to the ceiling.
Anne-Marie believes in the educational strengh and the quality of timeless toys so expect to find only the best at Le Chat Botté. She keeps a close eye on the origin of her products and the organisms of quality control in China (quality label Spiel Gut for example). Her product selection goes from Haba and Sigikid for their first age rattle and "comforter", to Trauffer and its farm with wood animals and Kösen, Steïff, Teddy Hermann and Robin Rives for their quality bears.
My favorites are the Haba fruits and vegetables and the Kösen stuffed animals so friendly and yet realistic looking, see the Siberian Chipmunk that I photographed.
Anne-Marie would certainly agree with this quote "For children, only the best is good enough" from Margarete Steiff.
LE CHAT BOTTE Rue Saint-Joseph, 2 - 1227 Carouge, Genève - map

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